Wednesday, April 30, 2014

*I forgot about this unfinished post, so it's dated, but I'll post it now anyway.

In September when Jude started Kindergarten, he took a stuffed animal with him for nap time at school.  He didn't take Pandy because he was too big to fit into his backpack.  He usually took his small bear which doesn't have a name.  Every day he would make sure the bear was in his backpack.  All of his classmates took their stuffed animals too.  Now it is April and he doesn't take something to snuggle with anymore.  He quit back in January.  This makes me feel just a little bit sad.  I knew that taking a stuffed animal to school would be short lived. It was endearing while it lasted.

I went to a "middle school" meeting last Thursday evening.  It was for the 4th graders and parents for the purpose of meeting the teachers and to learn about how middle school (5th-8th) works at Yinghua.  It exceeded my expectations.  I am thankful for the solid education and great community.  I am overwhelmed at how quickly she is growing up.

I am enjoying spending my days with Josie.  She loves playing with friends several times a week, she loves sitting on the couch reading book after book after book, and she loves doing "school work" at the table.  She is constantly asking me how to spell things (mostly peoples names) and can write all of the numbers and letters.  She is my little helper and tag-a-long.  She really likes to memorize things--books and her Bible verses for Sunday School.  She is self motivated and independent.  On the rare occasion that she asks me to pick out her clothes for her, I do because then she will at least be wearing something that matches.

Justus is 18 1/2 months and still crawls.  He crawls fast, but he won't walk.  He HAS walked.  He's taken 7 or so steps numerous times.  I'm pretty sure it's not a developmental thing.  He's just lazy.  Oh that boy.  I don't know what to do with him. 

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