Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

too many sisters?

I never really know what to think when people say "I hope for Jude's sake you have a boy next."  To be completely honest we are kind of hoping for another boy as well and I too have said that I hope Jude can have a brother.  But there's something about that comment that doesn't always sit quite right with me--whether it's from my own mouth or from others.  Would it be so bad if he only had sisters?  Would it mean he is less manly?  Does it mean he might have too much girly influence and not enough boys around him to be rough and tumble with?  I actually think it would be rather sweet even if he ends up with only sisters.  He would probably more quickly possess the leader-caretaker type qualities that we are praying for him anyway.  From a parenting perspective, I think it would mean that we will need to be really intentional about letting him do boy things--get dirty, wrestle, and be rambunctious.  He isn't overly rambunctious by God's design in him, but I think we are trying to give him those opportunities now--and he's got one sister in particular who loves to wrestle, a father who loves to do all things manly, and several good boy-friends.  We'll just have to be even more intentional about it IF we do end up having another girl.

All that to say, we do NOT know what the gender of our baby is, but we will be thrilled with whatever God has decided will suit our family perfectly!