Thursday, January 26, 2012

first cousins

malachi (6 mo.), jude (4), jeneva (8), josie (2)

Monday, January 23, 2012


~Today is Chinese New Year. Fun times at Yinghua Academy!

~Josie likes hot sauce.

~I visited RiverTree school the other day. It is a Charlotte Mason School. How they do school there is very interesting!

~Lost. Season 1. I'm six years late, yes. It's addicting.

~I have been enjoying my Wednesday morning job at church. Love that I can take my kids with me to a job I get paid to do...and the kids love it. It satisfies the people-person side of me too.

~Steve started working overnights again. It's working better so far this time around.

~The kids have declared that they will be famous traveling singers (together) someday.

~Google Translate is fantastic!

~I want house plants. I need house plants!

~I continue to be refined daily. By God. It's hard.

~Reading aloud to Jeneva is very important to her even though she can read on her own. She prefers being read to. It's a relational thing for her.

~Josie is doing pretty much everything a tad bit earlier than the other two.

~I got a duvet cover that perfectly matches my bedroom at Ikea for $7.99

~Jude gets cold sores on his lips just like me.

~I love Frank Asch books.

~We are having orange rolls and smoothies for breakfast. I can't wait!

~We just Skyped with the Morse's in China, but the sound wasn't working.

~I just ordered the book "For the Children's Sake" on Amazon for 1 cent.

~I'm not really enjoying following the curriculum I have for Jude's homeschool preschool.

~We are watching "Heidi" as a family. It's good, but I wish we would have read the book first.

~We ordered ants for Jude's ant farm today. They will arrive in the spring.

~I have two loads of laundry staring me down right now, and the next episode of Lost. Better get to it! Steve will be home soon from Cub Scouts with the kid he mentors. G'nite!

well before midnight on new years eve...

We were with our friends, the Coronado's on New Years Eve. Here were the kids at about 9:00. Perhaps in a few more years we'll be able to make it to midnight. The mock New Years countdowns you can find on YouTube work fine and appease the kids, but just aren't quite the same as the real thing. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

cousin love

jeneva and leanna sporting their new hats

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1,2,3 today

1 kid with pink eye.
2 clearance items ordered from Lands End this morning..
3 days of school missed in the past week.
4 dentist appointments to be made.
5 people in this family who had fun at family Christmas this weekend.
6 pages of math homework to catch up on.
7 loads of laundry done in past 24 hours.
8 water, milk, juice glasses sitting on my table right now.
9 meals I'd like to plan for in my grocery list.
10 degrees outside.

Monday, January 16, 2012

uncle mike

Who chases the kids around the house? Uncle Mike!
Who scares them? Uncle Mike!
Who teases them and tickles them? Uncle Mike!
Who hangs them upside down? Uncle Mike!
Who puts them in laundry baskets and carries them on his head? Uncle Mike!
Josie is by far our biggest thrill seeker and became a huge fan of Uncle Mike this weekend.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

josie says...

These are a few things I heard Josie say today.

Sweebs up!
Nite Jude. Nite Jevva. Lub ewe.
Go potty downdares. Little seat!
Doin', mom?
Where'd papa go?
I'm hungry.
Play wiff me.
Come on Jude, time a go!
May I be scuzzed tabo?
Sing Jesus lubs me.
Telling papa! (said to mama with a pouty face)
Telling mama! (said to papa with a pouty face)
My do dat!
Need a go potty SUPER BAD, mama!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...this day no particular order....
t'was a cozy day at home today.
said good bye to good friends. again.
delighted in jude a lot today.
lost my patience with josie a couple of times.
thought about a few people who God brought to mind.
was the carpool mom this morning and afternoon.
made breakfast for supper.
felt inconsistent.
felt motivated.
thought about how i wasn't doing the things i ought to be doing.
felt grace.
laughed with jude.
paid bills.
washed everyone's bedding.
served left over lasagna for lunch.
washed dishes too many times.
read children's books. many.
folded laundry.
talked with my husband.
grumbled about the cold without snow.
....a regular day in january it was....