Friday, January 28, 2011

i hope tomorrow...

i hope the kids sleep in
i hope steve hears back soon about the job change
i hope i can enjoy my family and not worry about the house being in disarray
i hope i can survive in the morning with no coffee in the house
i hope i can think of something creative to make for breakfast
i hope we can get to trader joe's in the morning
i hope i can creatively and inexpensively decorate jude's room
i hope josie's teeth aren't bothering her
i hope jude's nose isn't bleeding
i hope i can get up early enough before the kids do
i hope i remember to drink enough water
i hope i can get a shower in before noon
i hope they still have the glasses i want to order at costco
i hope it feels warmer
i hope jeneva likes the new bedsheet i bought for her bed
i hope everyone will get along and be happy
i hope i don't feel annoyed
i hope a magic fairy will come and wash my dishes throughout the day for me
i hope i don't get sick
i hope i can help someone in some way
i hope for a good nights sleep. g'nite!


I was trying to take a little nap this afternoon, but my mind wouldn't let me. I had a conversation with a friend just last night about how God provides in such unexpected ways. I was just reflecting on how He's provided for us in the past several years. Nothing huge and earth shattering. But big to us none-the-less and enough to remind us how much He cares for us and provides for us what we need (and so much more!). TWO times in the past several years we have opened our mailbox to find an envelope containing cash from an anonymous giver. Both times we were in the midst of some minor, but unforseen financial circumstance. And one of those times the cash amount was EXACTLY what we needed to cover our bill. I don't know how these givers knew of our need. They probably didn't. They probably simply sought the Lord and He directed them. God is so good. I am thankful. I want to be like the faithful disciples who gave to us and be sure that I am hearing when and how the Lord wants to use me to bless others too. And then I want to obey. Of course I could list many other ways in which God has provided for us in the past several years. These two incidences are just out of the ordinary and stick out in my mind.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tuesday night ramblings...

I've come to realize lately that I prefer lukewarm coffee over a steaming hot cup of joe. Not tepid. That's too cold (though if it gets cold enough I just add ice and make it an iced coffee). Just 3 or 4 notches below piping hot. And it must have half-n-half. And my "coffee maker", 5 out of 7 mornings, is Jude. He does a mighty fine job of it. I pour in the water. He puts in 4 scoops of grinds, shuts the lid and pushes the "on" button.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of kicking the snow chunks off of the car. The kids rather enjoy it too. The colder it is, the harder they are to dislodge....thus an even greater sense of accomplishment.

The books on my nightstand right now include: the Bible (which I must do more reading of than I do...but it IS there and it does get read and it IS the best one), Until They Bring the Streetcars Back (haven't yet started it, but it's my next read for book club, so I must begin soon), Prodigal God by Tim Keller (came highly recommended by a friend and now I highly recommend it), So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore (she's become a favorite author this year), Son of Hamas (haven't started yet, but want to soon!)...and that's about it as far as "adult" reading goes. Children's books tend to take presidence, but when I have time those are the ones vying for my attention.

We are in the midst of a room change. Jude will be moving downstairs to where our office is/was. An office isn't totally necessary anymore. We've got a laptop and so our desk with paperwork and stuff will go in a corner of the basement. Currently all three kids are in the half story upstairs. It's worked well so far (for Jude and Jeneva to share a room and be in bunk beds), but it will be nice for him to have his own space (he is still sleeping on pink sheets for crying out loud!) and for Jeneva to have a bit of privacy. We got a toddler bed from some friends and I picked up a mattress for it off of Craigslist. I'm excited to decorate with some more boyish looking things for him.

Jeneva is becoming a good reader now in English. She doesn't start English Grammar until 2nd grade because they're still immersed in Chinese, so I'm happy for her progress in her first language so far. We are going to try out a violin teacher for her and once we decide on whether we will rent or purchase a violin we'll start. She's excited!

Steve applied and interviewed for a different position at his work. It's a lateral shift, so probably not an increase in pay, but different responsibility. We think it would be a much better fit for him and for our family. We're anxiously waiting and praying to see what God has for him!

I am encouraged weekly when I get together with 4 other women from church/kids school to pray for our kids and Yinghua. Love it. It's intentional and purposeful and an honor to seek the Lord on behalf of our children with sweet friends.

Jude has aches in his leg every night. We haven't decided yet if it's growing pains, a good excuse to get some yummy medicine, or if it's something we actually need to be concerned about. Hmmm.

Josie is walking a lot. She's pretty proud of herself. She is at that putting-all-things-in-mouth phase. She much prefers pencils, pens, crayons, get the idea.

I've been agonizing over the past couple of months as to what to do about my teaching license. It expires the summer of 2012 and I've done nothing to keep it up for the past 3 years since I've quit teaching. Initially I thought I would just let it go. I have no intent of going back to teaching anytime soon (and I was pretty burned out by my final year) and I figured I would just do the required work necessary to get it back when the time would come for me to teach again. I know a lot of people who have just let theirs go as well. How bad is that anyway? Well, I've decided I'm going to keep it up. Not quite sure why, but it just seems like the right thing to do now. I looked into taking classes either online or at a local college, but that is expensive and seems hard. So, here I am frantically signing up for workshops and asking schools that I have any connection to if I can sit in on their professional development workshops. Some success so far! I signed up for a class at the U in February, another workshop in another district for next month as well, and have some connections with schools for the coming year. Now I'm just praying that it will all work out.

That's all for now. I'm feeling hopeful and thankful in the midst of this Minnesota January. Good night!

Monday, January 17, 2011

that's my boy!

lil' punkin'

it's no wonder we call little children "punkins"
can't you see the resemblance?!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

make sense?

Jeneva: "You know how you always say 'time flies when you're having fun?'"

Me: "I didn't know that I always said that...but okay."

Jeneva: "Well, when Emma was here and we were playing, we tried to have a really BAD time so that the time would go by really slowly and she wouldn't have to go home so early."

Me: "Did it work?"

Jeneva: "Not really. It's really hard to try and NOT have fun when you're having so much fun."

Thursday, January 6, 2011


What do I title this one? I'm at a loss, but it's too cute to not post!

Monday, January 3, 2011

three minute interview with the three year old

Why do you think that we named you Jude?

Because I AM Jude.

How many brothers and sisters would you like to have?

I would have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11.

What is your favorite color?


What is God like?

He likes zebras and giraffes and he likes us.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

To nursery and to Beffelham (apparently we need to get out more)

What do you want to be when you get bigger?

A farmer. Or maybe a Fireman driver.

What's your favorite thing to play?

Tractors and Firetrucks and Animals.

What do you want to help Mama do?

Anything. (sweet!)

What do you want to help Papa do?

I want to help him scoop snow. And throw it too.

Who is your best friend?


What is one thing that you wish you could do?

I wish I ride a horsey.

What is your favorite book?

Animal stories.

How old are Grandpa and Grandma?

They're 6 and a half.

What is something you want to do when you are 4?

I want to be a girl and go to school and then I want to be a man and drive a car.

What is something that scares you?

Firetrucks coming to crash me. (I wonder if this is a phobia of some kind)

What is something that would make you laugh really hard?

You. (at least somebody thinks I'm funny)

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