Saturday, February 26, 2011

ever cry over your hair?

Well, I have been crying periodically over the past couple of days. It's not a *bad* haircut. Just totally completely not what I was envisioning or what I *thought* I described to her. I'm not quite sure which part of "below the chin in the front" she didn't understand. And the back I wanted much shorter, but because of the botched up front, I didn't want to tell her to go shorter in the back because then it would have looked even worse. Am just glad my hair grows fast. Okay, just had to vent. I'll get over it soon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

saturday night ramblings

Lately I've been able to get up before the kids. About a half an hour. My new morning routine consists of drinking a tall glass of cold water (this only precedes the coffee intake), reading and praying for a few minutes, and starting breakfast. So far, it's good and is a better start to the day. Please don't judge me all of you early morning risers who already have this figured out.

I've been really bad about taking pictures lately (I know grandparents would like some current pix). Must.Do.Better. Not to mention the four thousand pictures I've transferred from our old computer to our new one and haven't taken the time yet to organize them or learn how to upload them here. So until then, I'll just talk and you'll have to visualize. Tomorrow I will take pictures, but I can't promise publication.

In case you haven't heard yet, there's another snow storm coming tonight. Yes, ANOTHER one. Everyone always says that we've been having "good old fashioned snow storms." Why are they old fashioned? Did they have better/bigger storms back in the olden days?

Usually Steve does bedtime, but tonight I was putting Jude to bed while Steve was upstairs putting the girls to bed. Jude told me to do the "say after me" prayer. So, I just talked to Jesus aloud with pauses after each phrase so Jude could repeat them. He repeated each one with his eyes glued on me, a huge smile on his face, and sincerity in his heart. I could have just prayed forever. It was one of the most precious things.

My friend, Sara, is having her long awaited baby NEXT month! I can't wait. Only God knows the gender. I *think* it's going to be a boy. I'm usually wrong. So, I guess that means it will be a girl.

We got a frog and a fish this morning. They both died this afternoon. This is NOT good. I won't elaborate. (And I hope that the person who gave us these critters doesn't read this....I'd rather tell her in person).

A big pot of soup and crusty bread always tastes so much better when shared with others.

There is crazy stuff going on in the world. There's always crazy stuff going on, but it just seems extra crazy right now for some reason.

11:00 is much too late for this 30 something mom to be up. Lying here on the couch typing feels nice though and it's tempting to just fall asleep here. My table isn't totally cleared off from supper tonight (most of the dishes ARE done though) and there are random Mr. Potato Head parts lying on the floor. The last two swallows of my tea are cold. The paper map hanging in Jude's room right above his head just fell down on him and he didn't wake up. My poor husband is at work tonight and will probably be snowed in there at 6:30AM when he should be coming home.

Good Night.