Tuesday, December 28, 2010

in the "wild"

On our way to Cabela's recently, we were having a conversation about how Minnesota isn't JUST the city that we live in. In fact MOST of the beautiful state of Minnesota is woods, lakes, farmland, elk, deer, bears, wildlife...

She said it would be fun to live among the wild creatures in a place that LOOKS like Cabela's.

So, how does she look? Is she in her element? Maybe a little camo would help. The scarf, by the way, was knitted by her! She's recently taken up finger knitting.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

december blizzard 2010

Snow falls.

A lot.


At five inches it's time to make a quick run to store for supplies.

Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

Warnings days in advance.

18 inches.

Can't get out.

Alleys aren't plowed.

Neighbors with snow blowers.


Crazy strong husband who shovels better than a snow blower.

Kind neighbors.

Can't get to work.

City buses aren't running.

Plows are pulled off the roads.

Everyone stuck at home social networking all of the drama.

Christmas movies to watch.

More shoveling to do.

More piles.

Ice dams building on roofs.


Monday and Tuesday school is canceled.

Spinning tires.



Puffy coats, snowpants, long johns, mittens, hats, scarves.

Kids love it.

Papa builds a massive snow fort.

Mama pulls kids on sled.

Hot chocolate.

More shoveling.


Be of good cheer! A white Christmas is definitely here!