Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ramblings about justus

Justus is 3.

Justus is my baby. *sniff

He is mostly potty trained.

He insists on wearing his "superman undies" of which he only has one pair, so that is a challenge.

He likes to "nuggle wiff you"

His favorite breakfast is "eggys"...and really anything I put in front of him.

He adores his grandpa's.  Looks at pictures of them on my phone.  Talks about them.  He talks to Grandpa Harold on the phone and gets 4 wheeler rides from him and wants nothing to do with anyone else when Grandpa Harold is around.

He loves his big brother.  They play football...and wrestle...and play with monster trucks...and talk each other to sleep.

He likes going to play with his friends and doesn't have separation anxiety.

He has the highest cutest cheeky dimples.

He often asks to "watch baby einstein on your phone?"

He doesn't yet pedal his "motorcycle (3 wheeler)" but just scoots along rather quickly.

Hearing him say "gank you" and "God is wiff me" melts my heart.

He has tantrums.  He is stubborn.  He has a strong will.  He sometimes throws his spoon.

He sleeps with his "puppy" and sometimes his monster truck and fire truck (mom lets him, dad doesn't so it depends on who's putting him to bed).

He loves being in water.

He knows where my chocolate stash is at in my classroom at RiverTree (he calls it RibberTree)

He doesn't like his carseat and would rather have a "big boy carseat" and a "big boy buckle".

He is the best fourth child I could ever have asked for.

Thanks, God.  I am deeply grateful that I get to parent and love this dear one.