Friday, November 25, 2011

a new tradition

...cutting down our own tree for Christmas. We had a blast as a family doing it together on the day after Thanksgiving. Next year we will be recruiting another family to share that tradition with. We loved it! Our day began with a stop at Cabela's--Steve's 2nd favorite place to go shopping...and it was insane due to that awful day called Black Friday.

What on earth do I title this picture? I find it hysterical for some reason.

Calm and cool amidst the chaos in the background.

I love Josie. I LOVE that face!

THE PERFECT TREE has been found and chopped!

Can we ride home in the back of the truck?

Wow! I'm actually in a picture. Usually I'm the one behind the camera.

Free pony rides to follow.

The first time around for Jude was frightening. The second wasn't so bad. He begged to go on the third.

Josie held on to her pony and giggled nervously the entire time.

And that's all folks!

Monday, November 21, 2011

ten people

If you ever have the opportunity to have another family live with you for five or six it. Especially if they are completely awesome people.

(no captions. just a few snapshots of what our life looked like in October)

*this one needs a caption: The first Saturday that they were living here, the girls were up at SIX O'CLOCK AM doing their homework. I'm not even going to try and figure that one out.

Packed up. Early in the morning. To China.
We miss the five of them so much!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

if you teach your children how to make coffee...

...they just might make it for you a lot. About 3 or 4 days a week Jeneva (and Jude often helps her with this if he's up too) makes coffee for me if I'm not up yet. She usually gets up about 15 minutes before me. This is what was waiting for me the other day. Not JUST the coffee brewing in the pot, but a nice little place set for me at the table! It wasn't Mother's Day and it wasn't my birthday. It was just Jeneva being Jeneva--sweet and servant-hearted. That little plate with black stuff is chocolate syrup just in case I wanted to make a "mocha". The coffee she brewed and poured into the nice pitcher and accompanied it with a bowl of half-n-half and sugar. The tea cup and saucer of perfectly poured coffee with none other than honey roasted peanuts and a candy cane on the side. Mmmm. Interesting choice of breakfast. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

jude is four

The birthday boy at his best...

Every day is a good day to dress up as something!

First time on a paddle boat. He even jumped in when we were in the middle of the lake!

Who needs toys when we have mud?

"I'm not tired, mom!"

Jude likes to help papa demolish things. Very manly!

Hi, I'm Jude. I'm totally handsome in my ring bearer suit and I can melt anyone with my smile!

Happy 4th Birthday, Jude!

We couldn't find the video camera when we were singing to Jude and opening his presents. I was so frustrated! We found it after all of the funny stuff was already said. And that stuff just can't be reenacted. I know. I tried. I deleted. Alas, I can try to retell it. Jude is 4 today (November 1). Hard to believe! He wanted a Spiderman cake. I attempted to create one and it was somewhat successful. This is also the last night that the Morse family is with us before they head out tomorrow.....for China. It has been a delightful whirlwind of five weeks having them live with us (I will post about that sometime too). It was also fun to celebrate their last night here on Jude's birthday. We ate pizza and had a bonfire. After opening his gifts, Steve asked Jude several questions (the stuff I wish could have been recorded!)

Steve: Do you know why we celebrate your birthday today, Jude?
Jude: It's the day I was born.
Steve: What were you four years ago?
Jude: the hotel.
Steve: Close.....another H word
Jude: China?
Jeneva: HOSPITAL, Jude!
Jude: Oh. Hospital.
Steve: What were you at the hospital?
Jude: A baby in mommy's tummy.
Steve: Who put you there?
Jude: The Doctors.
Steve: No, who made you?
Jude: God did.
Steve: So, then who put you in mommy's tummy?
Jude: Oh yeah, God did that.

At 4 years old, this is what he said...

Favorite toys: Rescue Heroes, Buzz and Woody, Lincoln Logs
Favorite thing to do with mom: Listening to stories and going for bike rides
Favorite thing to do with dad: go fishing and go for bike rides
Favorite place to go: To Grandma and Grandpa's house and to preschool
Favorite activity this summer: Going to the park and swimming.
Favorite thing to play with sisters: school and house
Favorite foods: pancakes, rice, oranges, chicken and soy sauce
Favorite friends: Asher and Caleb and Ale and Jeneva and Addie
Favorite color: Black and orange
What he wants to be as an adult: A fireman
Favorite song: Jesus loves me and Starwars

Monday, November 7, 2011

what makes someone...

A couple of months ago I had a conversation with Jude that I couldn't resist writing down. I came across it today in my journal and remembered that I wanted to record it here. Jude had come up to me while I was reading a book on the couch (a rare, but treasured moment!) and told me that I was pretty. It was ironic because I recall feeling rather frumpy at that time.....jeans, greasy hair, no I asked him "What makes someone pretty?" You know what his response was?! He said "a pretty dress and lipstick." Both of which I was NOT wearing. I proceeded to ask him a few more questions....

What makes someone kind?
When they're sharing or caring.

What makes someone special?
Being a ring-bearer (this was two months prior to his job as ring bearer in Matt and Libby's wedding)

What makes someone happy?
Going to a parade or the jungle (of course!)

What makes someone sad?
NOT going to a parade or the jungle and just staying on their couch.

What makes someone tired?
Going for a long drive.

What makes someone friendly?
Talking to grown-ups

What makes someone handsome?
Wearing cowboy stuff and Spiderman stuff

I loved Jude's responses. He turned FOUR a few days ago and I've got a birthday post coming for him.