Thursday, February 18, 2010

random family update 6

1. Jeneva is in love with math. Yes, the subject at school called Math. I LOVE that she loves math. I hate math. Well, I hatED math. Who knows, maybe given the opportunity to try it again, I'd like it. I have an open mind.

2. I'm wondering where all of the government stimulus money is going. We know that it is NOT going to fix the potholes (sinkholes rather) in this city.

3. When I go rescue Jude from his daily nap (from 1:00-3 or 4) his socks are OFF of his feet and ON his hands. Quirky kid.

4. I really like writing my children's names. Strange I'll admit. But there's something about the written name. I like the way they look hand written.

5. Jeneva decorated some beautiful Valentines for family and friends. We haven't yet sent them. I procrastinate and forget.

6. I think that Trader Joe's is the most wonderful place to grocery shop (if you go in the morning). I always leave with a free sample of coffee, a smile on my face and a spring in my step (even if it's subzero) and children carrying balloons and suckers. It really can't get much better. Also, they pack one grocery bag very tightly unlike Super Target where they give you a separate bag per item. Don't they know we are all trying to save the planet!?

7. Jeneva brings Jude downstairs every morning. This means that she gets him out of his crib. I don't know how she does it, but they both come down unbruised.

8. I am obsessed with checking out books and DVD's from the library. I request which ones I want online and the library people collect them all for me. It's so easy and so fun! (It also makes me feel just a teeny bit better about all of the taxes I have to pay.) All I have to do is go pick them up. I check out random movies or documentaries as well as Bob the Builder for Jude, Angelina Ballerina for Jeneva, and the Backyardigans for both of them. And the books, OH the books! Perusing through the library to try and find kid's books worthwhile is no fun. But selecting them ahead of time from my mental list of favorite authors or with a little help from some online lists, it's rare to get a doozie anymore. I LOVE reading children's books to the kids.

9. Josie rolled over for the first time yesterday. Too bad she was on the couch when it happened. I'm thankful for the rug beneath the couch.

10. My post-partem hair loss has begun. I fear we will need to call a plumber sometime soon.

11. Jude's latest add-on word to each sentence is "actually." For example: "I want to play trucks....actually." or "Jeneva is at school....actually."

12. Jeneva told me this morning before taking her to school that learning Chinese is hard. I can't argue with that. I can only imagine. She really likes school and we have been pleased with all she is learning thus far. We also have made some good family friends there.

13. My favorite meal I've made lately is this: Whole Wheat Pita's (from TJ's of course) stuffed with rotisserie chicken, spinach, sliced avocado, sliced tomato, hummus and topped with yogurt dressing (plain yogurt, sr. cream, cilantro, lemon juice combined). It was a refreshing break from my winter-comfort-food rut.

14. Steve and Jeneva rescued a 5 foot icecicle that was hanging from our front window outside. It now is adorning the top of the snow mound in our front yard. Quite spectacular. :)

15. The other day Jeneva said to Steve: "Jesus sent me a letter in my heart today. It said I would get to go to Heaven." enough said.

16. God has given us much to be thankful for. And that we are.