Saturday, May 21, 2011

nothing in particular and in no particular order

Immediately following the taking of this picture, Josie falls off of the branch. She wasn't hurt.

Jude raided the "free" box at a garage sale the other day. These are his treasures all lined up. Cick on the picture to get a better view. :)

School girs enjoying watermelon after school.

Driving home from our Mother's Day supper at D'Amico where moms AND kids got to dine free. No, Steve doesn't typically drive with his eyes closed.

Eating in Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen.

The library in the Amish School House near my parents' place.

The water cups in the Amish school house. Click on the picture to see some of the names!

Hanging out watching cheese curds being made. This picture should have been in my previous post I think.

Visiting Grandma at the Cheese Factory!

Jeneva and Ahava before their Chinese New Year performance at the Mall of America.

Second cousins