Wednesday, April 20, 2011

where young children like to hang out

On the top bunk of course. Looks like Jude can hardly contain his excitement.

Monday, April 11, 2011

sweet josie. 18 month milestones...

...vocabulary at 18 months...

shus (shoes)

shus (cheese)

coat (coat)

NO! (no!)

lamabama (banana)

boppa (papa)

boot (book)

wawr (water)

mlk (milk)

...just josie...

definitely not a vegetarian. loves her some meat!

banana peppers. don't all 18 month olds eat them?

when needing a diaper change, she'll go lay down on the floor and wait

laughs hysterically at jude

folds her hands to pray

signs for "more", "please", and "thank you"

likes to "help" by throwing things in the garbage

pushes kitchen stool all over the house. doesn't push the toys that are actually supposed to be pushed--you know, the ones with wheels that don't scratch the floor

keys, cell phones, remotes, cameras...usually end up in the garbage

LOVES nursery time at church

LOVES people

knows what to do when the camera gets pointed at her

usually gives a little "fake" cry after being corrected or disciplined

favorite room in house: bathroom

favorite bath partner: jude

can do stairs up AND down like nobodys business

"josie! get out of the toilet" is the most common command heard around here

shares a room with big sister jeneva

Josie, we love you so much! You bring so much joy and laughter to our home. We are so thankful to God for entrusting us with such a lovely little lady!

jude takes on the cops

JENEVA: What would happen if the police officer pulled us over?

JUDE: Don't worry, Jen, I will FIGHT them.