Friday, October 11, 2013

how i love those kids of mine

My love for my kids is so deep.  It's so difficult to understand how God can love them and me infinitely more.  He does.  How is that possible?  How can I get so frustrated and annoyed with them that I want to send them all away for a time so that I can have some time to myself.  I know it's not wrong to have time to myself. When I am away from them for any period of time--an hour to run an errand, a couple of hours with friends, an overnight with my husband--I long to be with them again at the end of my time away. I am deeply thankful that I get to be with my children every day. There are days that I resent it and want something different.  Every decision I make is for their well being--what they will eat, who they will play with, how long I will be gone, how they will be educated, what we will do for fun, what our family times will consist of, how we will structure our time, what books we will read together, what activities will they be involved in. That to me is daunting.  Some days I can hardly make decisions.  I don't know what you can have for breakfast.  I can't think.  Figure it out yourself.  Some days I feel like that.  You ask me if you want a piece of gum and I don't know how to answer that.  It is so completely ridiculous.  Making decisions 24 hours a day concerning my children is wearing.  I am tired.  I want to go to sleep.  I want to go on vacation first.  Without them.  Then I can clear my head, make 1 million less decisions, and then miss them like crazy.  I am thankful that I can love and obsess over them as much as I do.  It is a good reminder that I am loved and obsessed over by my heavenly Father.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

100 again and again and again...

Imagine blowing your hair dryer at yourself all day long.  That pretty much sums up the weather here.  It has been in the upper 90's or 100 for the past 4 days or so.  I've lost count.  These old Minneapolis school buildings around here are un-airconditioned.  Day 1 of 4th grade down....days 2 and 3 CANCELLED!  Tomorrow was supposed to be Jude's first day of Kindergarten.  He gets to wait until after Labor Day now.  My tears can wait five more days now!

Tonight at dinner we told Jeneva TEN things that we love/appreciate about her.  Among me and Steve's more serious "character quality" and "evidences of grace" compliments was Jude saying "I like how you're so fashionable" and Josie saying "I just really like that you're having a birthday and that you can bike really fast."

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

birthday and school

Time to dust off the ole' keyboard (again) and type.  Tomorrow Jeneva turns ten AND starts 4th grade.  She's been nervous and excited all day.  She just came up (kids are sleeping in basement where it's cooler) because she couldn't sleep.  We talked about school, nerves, excitement, sitting in the front row, being a "bigger" kid in school, language learning, her backpack, the "squares" she needs for math class and what they might be used for, putting her chocolate pudding in the freezer, and how hot it is outside (100 degrees again). It was an hours worth of conversation packed into ten minutes.  We prayed about tomorrow and the year.  She smiled, gave me a hug and told me I'm the best mom in the whole world.  Not true, but hey, I'll take it.  So, tomorrow morning she'll wake up to egg burritos (her favorite) and donuts (my favorite) that Steve will pick up and a small woman's 21 speed bike that we found on Craigslist. Dinner will be three of her favorites:  salmon, baked potatoes, and potstickers.  Happy Birthday, sweet TEN year old.  I LOVE being your mama!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

what jude's been up to

The training wheels came off a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to his awesome coach: dad!

He is thoroughly enjoying his first year of t-ball. This Luxton Jr. Gopher is very excited to go to practice and games. I can't peel the smile off of his face when he runs the bases.  So cute.

Jude and Sam enjoying some mid-game conversation.  :)

When it's time to stuff and stamp envelopes for our China friends, Jude never gives up.  He's really good at folding and stuffing and putting the address labels on relatively straight.

what jeneva's been up to

Jeneva with her 3rd grade teacher.  Friday was the big Academic Performance day at school.  The kids always work so hard to prepare for this day!  Her English report was on Rosa Parks.  Then in their Chinese classroom, they performed their presentations that they had worked in small groups on.  Her group researched and presented on Ancient Rome.  It is fun to see her excited about and interested in history.  Just three weeks of school left before summer break!  I can hardly believe I have an almost 4th grader!

Photo compliments of Jude!  She stared violin lessons again after about a 9 month hiatus.  I think she has a renewed excitement for it.  She gets to be in Orchestra at school next year so she's getting refreshed for that.  Proud of her!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random (not very high quality) Pics from my iPod

We Shall Have Spring Again!  Or so we said in January.

The two wee ones

Pretty girls at the Conservatory

Our Tuesday early morning coffee dates with Kari and Sam.  Here the kids are "shooting" people coming into Target. Nice.

Oh my word.  This is one of my favorite pictures!

Pic 1 of some of our small group kids...

Pic two....more of them!  At our monthly family dinner.


Painting fun with Megan!

All swaddled up.  My favorite.

Making coffee cake or something of that nature

Sportin' the pink bumbo!

Just a really cool pic I took at a bait shop when we were up north!

Sam and Jude doing what they do best.  Wrestle.

On the ice!

Fun at the Plymouth Field House on a cold winter day.

Third graders unite!  Up north at a cabin with friends in January.

Gramma and Justus!

Never lacking a pose :)

Why don't these goggles fit quite right?

She was sleeping.  For real!

Steve went to Michael's Craft Store and came home with critters to paint!

Helping Ua with his Pinewood Derby car!  He came in 2nd place for creativity!

The best part about this picture is what Josie is doing.....  Hilarious!

Jude K and Josie having a very serious conversation over goldfish.


Cool Lego City

This lego creation was supposed to be the sculpture gardens.  So cool!

Watching the Pinewood Derby race

Can't quite sit up on his own...

Me and Julia at French Meadow.  We look yellow.

Molly and Megs at French Meadow.  :)

This was what spring break looked like! Just like winter break did!

Jude and Seth.  Time for a sleepover!

Do you think they will sleep?

Free Ikea Lunch with Sam and Sophia

Listening to Your Story Hour for the 57th time while doing homework. 

Most all of the little kiddos from my MOMS table. 

Cousin Leanna came for a visit from Wisconsin

Enjoying some farm art

The kids were joking that this was Grandpa and Champ

Not sure what to say here.....

On a nature walk at Silverwood Park

Buddies gearing up for Kindergarten at the Roundup day.  With Sam and the school directors.

How did Justus get so big all of the sudden?

I love a sleeping baby

Long day!

I want to kiss him

Visiting new baby cousin Milo in the hospital!

Justus.  Looking exactly like Jude.