Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random (not very high quality) Pics from my iPod

We Shall Have Spring Again!  Or so we said in January.

The two wee ones

Pretty girls at the Conservatory

Our Tuesday early morning coffee dates with Kari and Sam.  Here the kids are "shooting" people coming into Target. Nice.

Oh my word.  This is one of my favorite pictures!

Pic 1 of some of our small group kids...

Pic two....more of them!  At our monthly family dinner.


Painting fun with Megan!

All swaddled up.  My favorite.

Making coffee cake or something of that nature

Sportin' the pink bumbo!

Just a really cool pic I took at a bait shop when we were up north!

Sam and Jude doing what they do best.  Wrestle.

On the ice!

Fun at the Plymouth Field House on a cold winter day.

Third graders unite!  Up north at a cabin with friends in January.

Gramma and Justus!

Never lacking a pose :)

Why don't these goggles fit quite right?

She was sleeping.  For real!

Steve went to Michael's Craft Store and came home with critters to paint!

Helping Ua with his Pinewood Derby car!  He came in 2nd place for creativity!

The best part about this picture is what Josie is doing.....  Hilarious!

Jude K and Josie having a very serious conversation over goldfish.


Cool Lego City

This lego creation was supposed to be the sculpture gardens.  So cool!

Watching the Pinewood Derby race

Can't quite sit up on his own...

Me and Julia at French Meadow.  We look yellow.

Molly and Megs at French Meadow.  :)

This was what spring break looked like! Just like winter break did!

Jude and Seth.  Time for a sleepover!

Do you think they will sleep?

Free Ikea Lunch with Sam and Sophia

Listening to Your Story Hour for the 57th time while doing homework. 

Most all of the little kiddos from my MOMS table. 

Cousin Leanna came for a visit from Wisconsin

Enjoying some farm art

The kids were joking that this was Grandpa and Champ

Not sure what to say here.....

On a nature walk at Silverwood Park

Buddies gearing up for Kindergarten at the Roundup day.  With Sam and the school directors.

How did Justus get so big all of the sudden?

I love a sleeping baby

Long day!

I want to kiss him

Visiting new baby cousin Milo in the hospital!

Justus.  Looking exactly like Jude.

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