Monday, February 3, 2014

my favorite people

It's been a pathetic week.  I have won a "lousy-mom/wife-of-the-week" award.  Most awards make a person feel GOOD.  This award, however, did not.  Well, in the midst of it all I was looking through some photos on the computer and this one just made me smile.  It gave me at least a bit of motivation to press onward this coming week!  These truly are my favorite people in the whole world.


Melanie said...

It certainly has seemed like you needed a boost this week. Hang in there, friend! I know even the best moms feel this way and even have the kind of week you have. It doesn't change our love, though. What a great family indeed!

Anonymous said...

love the picture!!! Seriously, can you send us a copy so we can have it on our fridge to be praying for you guys! ; ) Keep blogging! Loving checking in on here to see how you are doing now that we are far away! love,
Amanda McAlpine